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Ages 7-10

Feed your child's curiosity

World in a Box takes your child on a new adventure every month! Your little one discovers a country’s geography, wildlife, traditions and more. Hands-on activities, games and crafts ignite your kid's natural creativity.

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Ages 7-10

Bond with your child

World in a Box gives you something fun to do together with your child.

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Ages 7-10

Explore The World

Our subscription boxes deliver exciting cultures from around the world with STEAM projects, stories, fun activities and games.

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Geography Subscription Box for Kids

World in a Box is a Canadian subscription box for kids packed with fun STEAM activities, crafts and games. Have fun and learn about the world. New country delivered to your door monthly!

Our kits are designed especially for, and kid-tested by, children ages 7 to 10. For younger kids, we encourage parents to read the booklets and do the projects & activities with their kids. For older kids, we’ve prepared the materials and designed the projects to be fun and understood with little to none parental supervision.

Learning about different countries helps kids appreciate cultures and people that are different from them.  By exposing children to different opinions, thoughts, and cultural backgrounds, you’re encouraging them to be more open-minded later in life.

Help your child become a better citizen both in their community and globally!


Feed Their Curiosity with Culture & Creativity

Explore the world and make geography fun for your little problem solver. Let Patrick the beaver be their guide as they travel the globe together, learning about what makes a country unique with every new box!

How It Works?

Select your plan

Choose a subscription plan that works best for you: Monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months.

Get ready for your adventure

Explore a new country monthly together with Patrick the beaver, your child's travel buddy.

Have fun!

Hands-on activities and crafts, fun facts, recipes, STEAM projects, games and more.

What's Inside

World in a Box is both fun and educational subscription box!
Dive into new cultures and fun facts from around the globe.
The world is waiting to be explored, so let’s see what’s included. 


World map poster to help you know which part of the world you are heading to!*

Activity Booklet

Learn about different countries and cultures around the world while completing fun activities.


One from Patrick and another for your child to write to a friend or family member about their adventure.

Crafts + STEAM Projects

Hands-on STEAM projects and crafts.

Memory Game

Have fun with friends and family. You’ll even get more Memory cards with each new country. Comes in a bag* to keep organized.

Trivia Game

Comes in a bag* to keep organized. The more countries you explore, the more Trivia cards you collect.


Become an international chef! Learn how to cook delicious food from across the globe.

Beaver Toy

Patrick, the Canadian beaver is here to join your child on their travels.*

Discounts with Local partners

You'll have access to discounts from our partners.


To store your booklets, activities, crafts, etc.*


With each box you’ll receive a few stickers. These include: a country’s name, which you can put on your box to keep track of your adventures, an animal unique to that country, or a landmark.

*These exclusive items are only available with your first World in a Box Subscription or Gift box.

Choose Your Subscription Plan

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$49.99 / month

$49.99 billed every month

$146.97 billed every 3 months

You save $3

$281.94 billed every 6 months

You save $18

$539.88 billed every 12 months

You save $60

Choose Your Subscription Plan

Meet Patrick the Canadian Beaver

Hi, I am Patrick! I live in Canada, just like you, and I love to travel and learn about new countries and cultures. Join me in exploring new parts of the world and let’s see what we can find together!  


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