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Is there a little one in your life who might love to learn about new places around the world? World in a Box makes a great gift.

Gift Box 3 Months –

$48.99 / month

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What's Inside

Dive into new cultures and fun facts from around the globe. The world is waiting to be explored, so let’s see what’s included. 


World map poster to help you know which part of the world you are heading to!*

Activity Booklet

Learn about different countries and cultures around the world while completing fun activities.


One from Patrick and another for your child to write to a friend or family member about their adventure.

Crafts + STEAM Projects

Hands-on STEAM projects and crafts.

Memory Game

Have fun with friends and family. You’ll even get more Memory cards with each new country. Comes in a bag* to keep organized.

Trivia Game

Comes in a bag* to keep organized. The more countries you explore, the more Trivia cards you collect.


Become an international chef! Learn how to cook delicious food from across the globe.

Beaver Toy

Patrick, the Canadian beaver is here to join your child on their travels.*

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To store your booklets, activities, crafts, etc.*


With each box you’ll receive a few stickers. These include: a country’s name, which you can put on your box to keep track of your adventures, an animal unique to that country, or a landmark.

*These exclusive items are only available with your first World in a Box.