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Check out our one-time boxes. Choose the country of your interest and get ready for an adventure.

How It Works?

Select a country

Choose a country you'd like to explore: Italy, Ireland, Mexico, TürkiyeIndia, Peru, where would you like to go? 

Get ready for your adventure

Explore a new country together with Patrick, the Canadian beaver, your child's travel buddy.

Have fun!

Hands-on activities and crafts, fun facts, recipes, STEAM projects, games and more.

What's Inside

Dive into new cultures and fun facts from around the globe. The world is waiting to be explored, so let’s see what’s included in one-time boxes.


World map poster to help you know which part of the world you are heading to!

Activity Booklet

Learn about a country while completing fun activities.


One from Patrick and another for your child to write to a friend or family member about their adventure.

Crafts + STEAM Projects

Hands-on STEAM projects and crafts.

Memory Game

Have fun with friends and family. *A bag to keep organized can be purchased as an add-on.

Trivia Game

Challenge yourself and friends and family by asking questions from Trivia game cards. *A bag to keep organized can be purchased as an add-on.


Become an international chef! Learn how to cook delicious food from across the globe.


You’ll receive a few stickers. These include: a country’s name, an animal unique to that country, or a landmark.

Add-ons available to purchase: bags for Trivia and Memory game cards, Patrick toy, storage box with a magnetic lid to keep everything organized.

Choose Your One-Time Box

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Select Add-Ons

Learning about different countries helps kids appreciate cultures and people that are different from them.  By exposing children to different opinions, thoughts, and cultural backgrounds, you’re encouraging them to be more open-minded later in life.

Help your child become a better citizen both in their community and globally!

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