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One-Time Box – Italy


In this kit you’ll get a chance to explore beautiful Italy! Learn about the Leaning Tower of Pisa and other wondrous landmarks that can be found throughout Italy. Bake your own pizza. Create a Venetian mask. Help Patrick and his friend Ilaria to get train tickets so they can travel from Rome to Milan. And more fun activities, games, crafts and STEAM projects. This kit includes:
  • activity booklet
  • world map
  • stickers
  • Trivia game cards
  • Memory game cards
  • 2 post cards (one from Patrick, another for a child to write to a friend or family member about their adventure).
  • 2 STEAM projects (supplies included)
  • recipes
You can include add-ons to have more fun things and keep things organized: storage box with a magnetic lid, bags for game cards and Patrick toy.