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What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

We had a blast working through our first box! The “Who we are sheet” is relatable to both me and my daughter. It’s also our passion for travel that we would subscribe to this box. Female owned is also empowering to mention. The blurb on Eco Friendly is very important to us. Great points on delivery by foot/bike and packaging is made from recyclable materials. 100% love that this is Canadian owned BUT also supports local vendors to bring the boxes to life.

Patrick the Beaver plush is cute. The postcard is a nice touch as an “intro” to Patrick’s experience in Mexico. Also nice surprise to have a blank postcard which my daughter plans to mail out.

The Activity book actually exceeded my expectations as a parent. It’s chock full of information! Joss enjoyed learning it thoroughly as it dived deep into cultural details more so than any other box we have bought. I cannot express how informative and thorough this activity booklet is. OUR FAVOURITE COMPONENT!

The map is gorgeous. Well made (sturdy) and true representation of the world. The crafts were great. Very well organized and the instructions were colourful and clear as day. We absolutely love trivia here, and having these mini cards is excellent.

World in a Box is a very personal and engaging product!


Mom of a 7 y.o. Girl

I knew this would be perfect for Jade, who spent last year reading stories about and creating brochures for various countries around the world. She loves doing crafts and being creative, so the activities packed into this box drew her attention right away.

Her guide through Mexico was Patrick the Beaver. This adorable little stuffy was included in her box and also featured prominently throughout the pages of the booklet.

Jade used her World in a Box for social studies for the first two weeks of school this year. Each day, she read through a few pages in her Mexico booklet and did the activities she found there. As I mentioned, this tied in well with what she’s been doing for her social studies curriculum both last year and this year.

If you have a child who enjoys crafts and activities like this, you could also just order World in a Box as a fun activity. My kids always love getting mail, so getting their own package in the mail every month is a wonderful surprise. 

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Mom of a 9 y.o. Girl

This year, my 7 and 9 year old have been taking a virtual trip around the world for our school adventures. We have been watching lots of videos, making foods, doing some map work, etc. So, when things like up perfectly for us to test out a box about Egypt right when we were learning about African countries – I gave it a go! When our box arrived, my currently 7 and 9 year old kids were thrilled. The box was basically torn from my hands and they dove right in.

Inside our box about Egypt, we found:

  • a full-colour world map poster
  • a little stuffed beaver toy
  • a postcard
  • an activity booklet
  • craft supplies
  • two sets of cards in little bags
  • stickers

We jumped right in, reading through the activity book and introducing ourselves with the characters from the box. The little beaver is the World in a Box mascot: Patrick! In this box, he was visiting his friend Asim the Camel who lives in Egypt.

I love the fact that the activity book is in full colour, that it isn’t just an information dump, but is interspersed with colour photographs of how to complete the crafts and projects, colouring activities and games, and even a recipe. The text is in bite-sized, kid-friendly text, although my new-to-reading 7 year old found some of it hard because it uses unfamiliar to her words in places (like sarcophagus and faience.) But that’s okay because we got to learn together!

The first was a craft with a camel. Included was a wooden cut out of a camel, plus some string, yarn, and a few beads. My daughter coloured a blanket on the back of the camel first. We attached the beads to the string and then to a hole on the underside of the camel. A loop of string attached to the top for a hook and then we wrapped the whole body in the yarn to give the blanket a textile look and feel. We decided that this was our own version of Asim – the special guest for this box.

Next, we talked about how dung beetles are actually scarab beetles! (Honestly, I had no idea!) Inside the box came some really wonderful modeling clay so we could make miniature scarab amulets. We really enjoyed making little beetles – splitting the clay in two so we could each make one. We added designs and patterns to the body.

World in a Box’s materials are quality. The paper of the book, the craft materials, the little laminated cards, etc – all were impressive and durable. I like that as a parent, especially if I want to keep using them.

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Lisa Marie

Mom of a 7 y.o. Girl and 9 y.o. Boy. Founder of The Canadian Homeschooler

We were really excited to receive the box and see what it was all about. We all learned something and enjoyed the process.

There’s quite a lot of information in that little booklet, which is great. My kids didn’t have the attention span to go through all the book at once so we covered it over a few days.

I like that school subjects (math, geography, art) are incorporated with general knowledge/interest of the country. I like the travel friends. I like that Patrick would be travelling along with each box and meeting new ‘friends’ around the world. My kids thought they were cute. My daughter loved getting the Patrick stuffy.

Also both of my kids were thrilled with the huge map. I loved the addition of recipes at the end of the book.


Mom of a 8 y.o Boy and 5 y.o. Girl

We just finished the first box. My 7-yr-old daughter loved it! She completed all of the activities, and really enjoyed learning about the country. It took her a few days to complete all of the activities, but they weren’t too difficult. She found the crafts the most fun, but also really enjoyed the games. Everything in the box is very well done, and it is perfect for her age.

Lenore G.

Mom of a 7 y.o. Girl

We got the first box and we are so excited, it exceeded our expectations!

It is perfect amount of information for my boys to stay engaged. They loved all the different pieces and they are of amazing quality. Most popular so far are definitely the trivia game and the bag it came with to store it.

Also having a box to store everything is perfect. My kids can put all the projects there, this nice storage box helps keep everything organized which makes mama happy 🙂

Jennifer A.

Mom of a 7 y.o. Boy and 9 y.o. Boy

These boxes are absolutely amazing. My daughter loves them so much. She doesn't want to stop reading the booklet and doing the activities. World in a Box gives us something to do together that is educational, but most importantly FUN!!!!! 

Carmela C.-W.

Mom of a 7 y.o. Girl

The box comes with hands on STEAM projects that are fun to do with the whole family. It’s geared towards ages 7-10, but I have to say, my boys are 4 and 6yrs old and absolutely LOVED it!

The box comes neatly put together with crafts, recipes, games, facts about the country and a little stuffed beaver named Patrick 🦫❤️

Our box was all about MEXICO 🇲🇽

My in-laws leave for Mexico soon for the winter months, so my children were so excited that they got to learn about the country their grandparents visit each winter! We played trivia, learned a few Spanish words, made a Piñata, and so much more. The activities were all things we could do indoors - which let me just say with the winter months coming, as a Canadian I really appreciate that!! 🙌🏻

It makes a great gift, whether a child is homeschooled or not!!

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Mom of a 4 and 6 y.o. Boys
Lots of learning and cool facts! The cards are so beautiful (the memory and trivia game).

World in a Box makes a great gift!

There are so many fun countries to explore and this box is a great way to do it without the price tag of a plane ticket!

Learn cool facts, write a postcard, do some crafts and explore the country of your choice with Patrick (the stuffed beaver!)

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Mom of a 5 and 8 y.o. Boys

My daughter and I are both really impressed with the box and the variety of activities. There are enough activities to keep her occupied for a few hours. I like that some pieces could be used over - like the map, the memory cards. The best pieces are things that could be reused over and over.

Karen S.

Mom of a 7 y.o. Girl

We cracked the first kit open today and it’s been a hit so far! Mexico is the last place we went prior to Covid and one of Ben’s favourite places. So this kit, specifically, was PERFECT for him!!

Caitlin M. R.

Mom of a 6.5 y.o. Boy

What I particularly liked about our box:
✅ Wealth of information and activity suggestions
✅ Completely sustainable packaging and other materials
✅ The fact that it’s a local, female-owned small business
What kiddo loved about the box:
💜 Axolotls (we learned the name comes from an old Aztec word meaning “water dog”)
💜 The giant map
💜 The excuse to make a new dessert

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Mom of a 10 y.o. Girl

The huge world map is wonderful and I definitely plan to put that in my classroom. My daughter was a huge fan of the memory game and I liked the high quality of the cards. The activity booklet was great and chock full of fun ideas. Some were definitely too challenging for my 5 year old but, by the same token, there was lots for her to do. She liked anything that involved colouring or drawing. The postcard was a great addition and like the cards, came with genuinely high quality stickers. 

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Mom of a 5 y.o. Girl